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What is included in the Tranquil Artistry LLC. professional development courses?

Good question. Tranquil Artistry began providing professional development course in 2016 on a platform called Udemy. There we offer Course 1 which covers our supplemental content that is also available in various formats. As of 2018 we are now providing the Course 1 & 2 professional development content via Business Hangout Webinars. 

Use the link for addition courses content information. 


How do I find out about the courses?

Be sure to use the calendar for webinar updates/schedules. If there are additional services needed, send an email to tranquilartistry@gmail.com.

How many viewers can participate in a scheduled webinar?

At this time, 25 viewers are allowed at a time. This allows us the opportunity to answer questions to a more intimate group.

I am an employer how can I make sure that my new employees have taken the course?

We understand that you as the employer want to make sure that your new employees are receiving as much information as possible before going out into the field. Below you will find our Employer Registration Confirmation Form. This form provides additional information about the attendee/employee that will attend the next webinar. This is also used in order to provide the employee a Certificate of Completion once the webinar ends.

Employer Registration Confirmation Form: 


What if I have several employees? Can they be scheduled at the same time?

Yes, we are available according to our calendar as well as additional requested dates/times. For additional information please email us at tranquilartistry@gmail.com

How do I get discounts or lower prices?

Good question. We will offer our own discounted coupon code for those that take Course 1 on Udemy. If you take Course 1 on Udemy and use our discount code you will get Course 2 at a lower rate. (email verification is required)

Discounted coupon codes will begin February 2018 and will be updated monthly. Remember to look at our calendar for updates. 

Please note that all sales are final. If you miss your webinar date/time, a replay will be sent to you. If you have additional questions after watching the replay, you can schedule a time/date and will be registered according to availability. 


Do you offer CEU's?

No, Tranquil Artistry LLC. currently does not offer CEU's. Certification of Completion will be offered to all attendees that are present during the webinar. Although, you/employer have paid for the webinar, the certificate is only provided to those that complete the webinar in its entirety. 

My entire agency wants to participate in the webinar, can this be done?

Yes, this can be done but at an additional cost. Please note that normal rates apply to individual participants and not groups. Groups require additional scheduling and time. Please email us at tranquilartistry@gmai.com for additional information. 

Do I need an special equipment/software?

Yes & No. 

We found that registering through Google Chrome was easier for our participants.

**We recommend you use Google Chrome for the webinar. **

 Also, we recommend that your Wi-Fi is adequate due to previous participants stating the content was blurry. 

Are Course 1 & 2 ever provided together?

Courses will be scheduled together soon. Be sure to view our calendar for updates. 

Why are courses mainly available on the weekends?

Most of the Tranquil Artistry Team provide their services on the weekends and additional services during the week. 

This also allows employees the opportunity to engage in the webinar in the comfort of their home and prepare for the next work week.

Webinars are mainly provided Saturdays- Sunday and at 6pm CST on weekdays.  

Do you allow advertising and sponsorship for your website and webinars?

Yes. We know what it is like to want to network to a larger audience. If you are a business owner and you are interested in advertising your business on our upcoming "Business Corner" page or during one of our webinars please email us at tranquilartistry@gmail.com. We will go over with you our advertising/sponsorship options and guidelines. 

**Sponsorship/advertising is subject to approval. 

Below you will find our sponsorship/advertising form. 

*** Business Owners/Agencies Only***

Sponsorship/Advertising Form


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